Executive Power and Presence



There are many things in business and life that you can’t control.  But when it comes to your image, only you will determine the outcome. Image is not something that happens to you, it’s something you shape.  Crafting a strong and positive image will amplify your executive presence…and power.

Topics included:

  • Why first impressions matter
  • How your appearance + your body language = your personal brand and image
  • Appropriate business looks—be it formal or casual—which say “I am a leader”
  • How to combine ties, shirts, pants, suits for maximum visual impact
  • Color matching that suits you
  • Clothes to suit different body proportions for men and women
  • Business casual attire for men and women
  • Guidelines on shoes, socks, belts, watches, handkerchiefs, briefcases, and other accessories for men
  • Guidelines on shoes, pantyhose, jewelry, belts, briefcases, and other accessories for women
  • Looks to avoid in the business arena
  • White Tie/Black Tie/Black Tie Preferred/Optional
  • What is Formal Business Attire, Business Casual Attire and Casual and when are they appropriate
  • Selecting clothing right for you and right for the office
  • Proper fit and the proper use of color in business


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